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Tertiary education QA: is teaching and learning effective




Skills, Abilities and Experience Necessary for the Armenian Future Winemakers

Vardan Urutyan, Zaruhi Muradyan,Armenian National Agrarian University

307 E

On the Outcome of the Introduction of the New System Evaluating Knowledge at Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi

Larisa Avetisyan, Aram Hayrapetyan Yerevan State Medical University 


“Internalization of Higher Education, Challenges and Perspectives”

Irma Grdzelidze, Akaki Tsereteli State University




“Some Issues on Teaching and Study of Legal Science”

Geghetsik Grigoryan, Armenian State University of Economics


“The Practice of the Application of Distant Laboratories at National Polytechnic University of Armenia and its Perspectives”

Marinka Baghdasaryan, Eduard Hakobyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia


"Adapting Translation Course”

Nino Aroshidze, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University




“Harmonization as one of the main principles of Ensuring Quality Management in Higher Education System”

Guli Shervashidze, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University


“Effective Methods of Teaching Interpersonal Skills to Higher Education Managers”

Nana Mazmishvili, Lela Tavdgiridze,Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University


“The Role of Built-in Systems in Training Qualified Engineers”

Amalya Mkhitaryan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia




“Vertical and Horizontal Alignment for Quality Education”  

Kristine Soghikyan, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences


“Ranking as a Tool of Students' Comparative Academic Performance’s management”

Larisa Avetisyan,Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University


“On Features of Teaching Mathematics in Technical Universities”

Ishkhan Hovhannisyan, National Polytechnic University of Armenia



Hayk Derdzyan

Doctor of Law, professor

Suren Kosemyan

Associate Professor

Roland Grigoryan


Larisa Avetisyan

Senior Specialist

Irma Mesiridze

Assoc. Prof.Dr

Nana Mazmishvili

Assistant professor

Irma Grdzelidze

Associate professor, PHD

Guli Shervashidze


Nino Aroshidze

Associate Professor

Gevorg Margarov

Head of Department

Ishkhan Hovhannisyan

Vice Dean

Aram Baykov

Head of Department

Geghetsik Grigoryan

Associate professor, PhD in Law

Eduard Hakobyan

Head of chair

Anna Erzinkyan


Amalya Mkhitaryan

Associate Professor, PHD

Larisa Avetisyan

Head of Centre

Zaruhi Muradyan

Assistant Professor, PHD

Arevik Sargsyan

NGO Pressident

Kristine Soghikyan

Head of Chair, PHD

Darren Garside

Senior Lecturer


We are pleased to announce that ANQA with the support of TEMPUS MAHATMA project organizes the conference from 21 to 22 January 2016

Through a mix of plenary and parallel sessions entitled “Tertiary education QA: is teaching and learning effective”, the conference will become an excellent platform for sharing experiences in current developments in quality assurance (QA) of HE in Armenia and beyond while capitalizing on research, policy and practice.

After the intensive developments to establish a national QA system in higher education of Armenia, the first cycle of institutional accreditations starting from 2009 and pilots of program accreditation in 2015 mark a shift to an advanced level of developments in the IQA of the Armenian HEIs. Invaluable is the contribution of the European Commission, specifically, TEMPUS projects to the system development as well as widening cultural exchange between European and Armenian universities guiding the gradual accumulation of experience in EQA and IQA. Of a tangible impact is establishment of cells of quality culture in HEIs. The current QA system in Armenia capitalizes significantly on the student centered approaches as emphasized by the revised ESGs. This year presents an ideal moment to take stock of the status of Armenian QA policies and impact on all stakeholders. The Conference will examine QA potential and current developments in the Armenian HE from a variety of perspectives and explore the ways in which concrete practices in institutions reflect European level policies.



ANQA annual conference provides a platform for discussion, professional development and exchange of experiences among the main stakeholders in QA of HE of Armenia and beyond. Specifically, the event will be of interest to rectors, vice-rectors, deans, academic program directors, teachers and QA officers of higher education institutions, students, QA agency staff and researchers working on higher education or/and the QA field. 



Tuesday, January 19

A forum on “Tertiary education QA: is teaching and learning effective” will be held

Monday, January 11

ՈԱԱԿ-ի ֆորումին կներկայացվի 14 բուհերի լավագույն փորձը